Client Testimonials

Life Before my AH-1 Designs Custom CPAP Nightstand

If you or someone you love uses a CPAP device for sleep apnea, you know what a chronic pain in the neck the set-up, care and maintenance of your CPAP machine can be. My machine used to sit on top of my nightstand perched alongside the other device I bought to clean it – what an eyesore! Due to the constant need to refill my machine with distilled water, 1-gallon jugs lay constantly in waiting at the foot of my cluttered nightstand, and I never seemed to have enough space for other accessories like filters and wipes for cleaning my machine, let alone my non CPAP related paraphernalia like medications, reading materials, night lights, etc.

Water Spills

Chronic spills on my nightstand simply became a way of life. Filling my machine with distilled water, especially right before bed (and in the dark if my wife’s already asleep) includes all the right ingredients for a mishap. And there was simply no way to keep water from staining and ultimately warping the surface of my nightstand.


I have, on two unfortunate occasions, pulled my CPAP machine completely off my nightstand when I rolled over in the opposite direction, the attached hose pulling the machine closer to me until it fell to the floor with a crash. What an awful mess!


The machine I bought to clean my CPAP runs automatically, once a day, but it’s loud enough to become an annoying distraction even if you’re not in the room with it during the noisy cleaning cycle.


The distilled water I need for my CPAP machine comes in 1-gallon jugs so I used to keep them all in my garage downstairs. The problem with that was suddenly realizing after getting upstairs, that I had no water left, prompting a trip back downstairs to the garage for another gallon jug. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I came up with a simple if not unsightly solution – keep 2 or 3, or 6 jugs of water in our bedroom at all times lined up at the foot of my nightstand where I couldn’t possibly trip over them and break my neck.


Life After my AH-1 Designs Custom CPAP Nightstand

It’s almost hard to believe, and after just 4 short weeks, just how much better my quality of life has become since I replaced my old, traditional nightstand, with a custom CPAP Nightstand crafted by AH-1 Designs.

No More Water Spills!

Those annoying water spills are a thing of the past now that my CPAP machine sits securely in its own drawer treated with a water-resistant sealant to prevent pooling of spills and water damage.

Tumble Woes Be Gone

No more nightmares about yanking my machine off the nightstand and the subsequent mess and ruined night’s sleep for me and my wife it portends. The hose attached to my CPAP machine (now firmly secured in its own drawer) runs through a small portal conveniently located on the side of the nightstand so should I roll over in the opposite direction, pulling the machine towards me, it can only shift an inch or two at best and will never again go so far as to slide over the edge of my nightstand and on to the floor!

Noise….What Noise?

Like the CPAP machine itself, my new custom CPAP Nightstand from AH-1 Designs comes equipped with a separate drawer for my CPAP cleaning device but as if that’s not enough, closing the drawer almost completely muffles the grating sound it emits during its cleaning cycle.

Storage Galore!

I think the thing I love most about my new custom CPAP Nightstand crafted by AH-1 Designs, is all the space I have now. Since both my CPAP machine and my CPAP cleaning device are tucked away safely and securely in their own drawers and none of the equipment’s wiring sits exposed on the surface of the nightstand, it’s totally free for whatever I want – or don’t want to put there.

I should also note I’m highly allergic to dust and used to have to wipe down my CPAP every couple of nights to remove the dust build up. Since getting my AH-1 Design custom CPAP Nightstand, I’ve dusted my CPAP machine only once!

Finally, remember all those unsightly 1-gallon jugs of water that decorated my bedroom floor? I’m delighted to inform you those are also a thing of the past since I got my custom CPAP Nightstand crafted by AH-1 Designs. The bottom drawer includes a generous amount of storage – enough for up to 5 or 6 1-gallon jugs!

Bert Lamar, Aberdeen, NJ
November 2020