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Layout Table

The Oak Layout Table is a 26” x 44” table that is approximately 19” high and has the basic characteristics of a coffee table. Typically, it is stationed under a table with a printer where prints can be laid out and referenced and additional larger format paper can be stored on the lower shelf. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks before shipping.

Nightstand with Integrated Light & Shade

The Nightstand with Integrated Light and Shade is a positive bedside solution for those who prefer a softer lighting experience particularly at their bedside. The light source is an integrated three-way light fixture that is mounted at the center of the shade element. The shade is linen, which softens and diffuses the light while still providing ample lumens for reading or other activities. The top surface is a large format porcelain tile that has a matte finish to resist slips and is easy to clean. Th cabinet below is made of two bifold doors and has an adjustable shelf and ample space for storing books, magazines and other materials essential for the in bed reader or worker. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks before shipping.

Shoe Tree and Bench

The Shoe Tree and Bench is made of Walnut and Maple and the bench has two drawers for convenience items while dressing. They can be used for shoe polish, socks, foot cream or other items that might be needed while dressing. It provides a very convenient solution for anyone who pays attention to their feet while dressing. Seat cushions are not included. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks before shipping.

The CPAP Nightstand (Patent Pending) RH

The CPAP Nightstand is a specially designed nightstand for people that use a CPAP device for sleep apnea. It is designed to provide additional peace of mind while sleeping because it has a specific place for CPAP and related devices so that you don’t have to worry about pulling your air sense machine to the floor while you sleep or spilling water that is cumbersome to clean up. The CPAP device and your cleaning device are in drawers specially designed to accommodate them. The drawer for the cleaning device has a notched front so that when your are cleaning your CPAP you can close the drawer without having to detach the hose and reduce the noise generated by the cleaning. Additionally, these drawers are coated with an epoxy resin which is highly resistant to water damage. Each nightstand is hand crafted using the finest quality solid woods and you can select Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak and Maple for your CPAP Nightstand (More exotic woods are also available). Your selected nightstand is finished with multiple coats of clear polyurethane which provides a durable layer of protection that resists damage is easy to clean and reveals the natural beauty of the wood grain. Your CPAP Nightstand not only provides you with a functional piece to store and use you CPAP device but it also provides you with a beautiful piece of furniture to compliment your bedroom. The CPAP Nightstand can be ordered in pairs for right and left hand configurations to help complete your bedroom design. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks before shipping.